Is seeing believing?

Most mornings we walk on purpose built track on Heatherton Road. Initially we walk west over the brow of the hill and down a little and then turn back and walk east. There is a great view right out over Dandenong and surrounding suburbs. In fact the view is fairly flat through to Port Phillip Bay. Yesterday as we looked across to where the bay should be I remembered an incident which took place soon after we arrived in Endeavour Hillas. One evening Doug came back from a walk excitedly telling us that he had seen the silhouette of a ship sailing into the bay. We dashed across to take a look but could see nothing. It had either sailed out of view or wasn’t there in the first place.

If you look at something on the horizon long enough it can look like it’s moving. So, we were a little sceptical but as we could not prove otherwise we gave him the benefit of the doubt. In the ensuing weeks we kept our eyes peeled and saw nothing.  We checked and found that indeed the channel which the ships take into the Port of Melbourne comes very close to our side of the bay. However, our faith in seeing something was wavering.

Then some weeks later I was out walking with Doug and saw it. There sure enough on the skyline was a ship sailing into the Bay. It was small but definitely the outline of a ship. To be sure I wasn’t imagining things I chose a couple of landmarks to track its movement.  It sailed past the first and then the second and continued till it was out of view. Obviously the tide was high that day and the ship was quite big, the combination of the two allowed us to see it.

Now we definitely believed him. For us, seeing was believing! It made me think of what Jesus said to Doubting Thomas in Johns Gospel, “You believe because you have seen me. But blessed are those who haven’t seen me and believe anyway.” (John 20:29 living Bible)  That’s what faith is all about. We believe because a voice of authority (God’s word) tells us so and when we believe we get the assurance in our hearts that it’s true. It’s like we are seeing it with our spiritual eyes. Faith comes first then seeing follows.

White Tanker Ship on Horizon

Footnote: Yvette went out with me this morning to get a shot of the view for my blog and there it was. (first time in many months) a ship sailing into the Port of Melbourne. Thank you God.




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