Peter 2014

Some journeys in life are easy, some are hard. There is no point wondering ‘Why me?’ or ‘why him?’ because no matter how bad it seems there is always someone, somewhere who is enduring something much worse. For just on three years we were principal child minders now we have been given the gift of going back to being just Grandma and Granddad. I thank God because since my last blog on Peter at the beginning of 2014 He has brought others on board to pick up the slack.  Looking back it reminds me of the account of Moses in the desert. While He held up his staff above his head the battle was going well but when his arms began to get tired the Israelites were losing. So Aaron and Hur got either side of Moses and held up his arms until the battle was won. Thank you precious people!

Peter our darling boy is still travelling on, struggling a bit but determined to squeeze every last drop out of life. We thank you for your love, prayers and words of encouragement they will never be forgotten.




This is our special little boy at the Park when he was two years old in 2011


About Veronica Nowell Author

Veronica Nowell has published four books since 2008. 'a farthing cone', 'a fourpenny wafer' and 'six chocolate coated ice creams'. These have now been produced as a trilogy under the name 'ice creams'. the fourth book is titled 'rainbow icecream'.
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