Day 7 Saturday the 28th September- Hampstead-Abbey Road-Basildon Essex-Dover

The day was to be a ‘packed to the rafters’ day’. Shane and Fiona had picked up the VW ‘people mover’ the night before so we got away early It took us ages to get out to Hampstead. The roads were narrow divided roads full of traffic (they don’t knock down wonderful old buildings to widen roads in London). Hampstead was to be a flying visit to show the girls 80 Heath St. and the Landmarks in my Mothers story, ‘a farthing cone’. We covered this all quite easily and smoothly even saw a bit of the Heath where she had her Gypsy Caravan escapade. The Baptist Church  two doors up at number 84 was holding a street market and Yvette was thrilled to buy some nice china trio’s. After this was to be a stop at the Abbey Road Studios so we could cross the famous crossing. However Mr Tom-Tom had trouble getting us there as we were continuously confronted by detours and road works. In the end the decision was taken out of our hands, we had a lunch date to keep with our family at The Quays, in Basildon, Essex. (New readers can follow our trip to Hampstead and Basildon on previous blogs)







All Cousins Together – Amazing Pub Grub Yet again!

We left Basildon mid afternoon and headed for our accommodation at ‘St Margaret’s at Cliffe’ right opposite the eleventh century St Margaret’s Church and just a few miles from the Dover Castle.  We wandered around the lovely old village and Church Grounds and ate an enjoyable evening meal in the Restaurant / dining room. Recently there was a post on my Facebook page of two little boys looking heavenward with a smile. The caption read   “Sometimes I just look up and smile and say, “I know that was you God! Thank you” We had missed Abbey road but would never forget our marvellous day. Thank you God.


 The lovely old Church of St Margaret of Antioch












About Veronica Nowell Author

Veronica Nowell has published four books since 2008. 'a farthing cone', 'a fourpenny wafer' and 'six chocolate coated ice creams'. These have now been produced as a trilogy under the name 'ice creams'. the fourth book is titled 'rainbow icecream'.
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4 Responses to Day 7 Saturday the 28th September- Hampstead-Abbey Road-Basildon Essex-Dover

  1. autumnmiss says:

    wow you did have a busy day. Why am i the only one not looking the camera in that photo. I look like ive fallen asleep instead Lol

  2. When old age leaves you no choice make sure you set your alarm at 30 minutes or so. This is long enough to refresh you but not too long to cause you to produce melatonin the hormone that gets you into a deeper sleep and causes you to feel dismal when you wake.(I have been refreshing myself with power naps since my 20’s)

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