Remember Remember…

Today our seniors group had guest speakers on the subject of “Remembering Well” we learned that there is no scientific proof that your memory diminishes with age. It is a myth of aging. Come to think of it the things I have problems with remembering now, are the same things I’ve always have problems with remembering. And, it usually is when I’m rushing about and have too much on my mind. This includes forgetting where I put my purse, the car keys, or a new acquaintance’s name. I have tried to circumvent this with having a home for my keys, a special place for my purse and remembering peoples names by association. I, like everyone else, remember where I was when I heard the news that Princess Diana had died or the attack on the World Trade Centre. It only takes a trigger for me to recall stories of my childhood. So remember, if you are forgetting things there’s another reason why it’s not because you are aging the people that know say that just ain’t true.



About Veronica Nowell Author

Veronica Nowell has published four books since 2008. 'a farthing cone', 'a fourpenny wafer' and 'six chocolate coated ice creams'. These have now been produced as a trilogy under the name 'ice creams'. the fourth book is titled 'rainbow icecream'.
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2 Responses to Remember Remember…

  1. gill edwards says:

    thats good to know isnt it. I am always forgetting things because like you i am always juggling lots of things in my brain and some of them slip out through the gaps

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