The big cover-up

On Monday we commenced the promising week innocently thinking that all was well with our much loved abode. By Wednesday we were being rained on from above with bits of roofing paint floating down like little pieces of burnt paper from a fire. Renovators were cleaning our roof. It seems whoever was hired to work on the roof tiles before we bought the house had sprayed paint on top of the dirty tiles. They were not cleaned or the cracked ones changed. Our lovely roof was just a veneer over dirt, moss and fractures. We vacated the house and when we returned the place was clean. That was until we went to the back deck and discovered water everywhere. It seems that it was only paint holding the apparently rusty gutters together and the pressure of the water had blown a hole in one of the downpipes. So, now we are to have new gutters and downpipes as well. The roof is now looking good. Its been cleaned thoroughly, resealed, resprayed and the broken tiles replaced. Even though it’s been fairly expensive we are glad that we did not discover the problem by waking up one morning with a new bed-cover of soggy ceiling. God, help me to not have any agenda’s, veneer covered or otherwise. Help me to be transparent.


About Veronica Nowell Author

Veronica Nowell has published four books since 2008. 'a farthing cone', 'a fourpenny wafer' and 'six chocolate coated ice creams'. These have now been produced as a trilogy under the name 'ice creams'. the fourth book is titled 'rainbow icecream'.
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2 Responses to The big cover-up

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  2. autumnmiss says:

    Oh Veronica, that was really bad of the previous owners to have done that or at the very least not to have told you about it. Im glad youve got it sorted now before a major problem happened. x

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